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Activated Nuts

Activated Nuts

Activated Nuts!

Do You Activate Your Nuts? I am a big fan of “activated nuts” 

I normally activate my nuts in the oven –

Soak 250g of each: raw almonds in water for 24hrs, cashews for 6 hrs, walnuts for 8 hrs and pecans for 8 hrs then rinse them well and dry off with a clean tea towel then lay out on a tray and put into the oven for 12-24hrs on the lowest setting possible.

Why Activate Nuts?

 “Activation is like sprouting of grains (wheat or barley grass) or sprouting of seeds (mung bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts). Soaking them and then drying them out causes them to sprout, which then activates the enzymes which makes them easier to digest and metabolise. The more enzymes we get from food the less our body’s own enzymes are required to break down and this helps to keep us looking younger for longer!!!!  Also helping digestion and enhancing nutrient absorption. Not bad hey!

Plus for me activated nuts, well, they simply taste better! 

They are great to use in Trail Mix or my Chia Seed & Nut Bar

Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you and let me know your thoughts.

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