Refresh Smoothie
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Refresh Smoothie

Refresh Smoothie So many interesting facts on the health benefits of Watermelon which consists mostly of water yet provides Vitamin A, B6, C antioxidants and amino acids which contain anti-inflammortary properties and did you know it was also classed as a Vegetable? Now I have 3 Chefs in the house and they all have learned [...]

Bitter Sweet Smoothie
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Bitter Sweet Smoothie

Bitter Sweet Smoothie I have always liked the contrast of sweet'n'sour however this smoothie was more bitter than sour. So if you don't mind mixing up the taste buds and keeping them fired up! You will love this recipe! Ingredients: 3 cups coconut water 1 celery stick 6 kale leaves (remove the stems) Handful of [...]

Poached Eggs & Salad
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Poached Eggs & Salad

Poached Eggs This is one of my favourite meals and I would have this at least twice a week. You can virtually have a poached egg over a variety of meals and certainly not just for breakfast and especially delicious atop fried cauliflower rice Preparation: To prepare poached eggs make sure you use the freshest eggs. [...]




I’m so excited to release my recipe collection e-book & 30 Day Meal Plan I have always wanted to create!

My collection is full of my favorite recipes that I love to cook and fuel my body with every day. If you want to eat natural whole food that’s good for you – there is something here for everyone.

I created these e-books so that I can share with you, my love of food and what I eat. It can be a massive challenge to eliminate foods and to find alternatives that are simple yet still provide the nutrients the body deserves and needs.

This book has been compiled for a couple of years and is finally available!!

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Age is No Barrier!

  2014 2017 Have you ever heard yourself say, "I can't do that, I am too old for that now" or "I'm past that now" or "I can't change the way I am" well I'm here to tell you that I have said all of those things to myself for many years. That stopped in 2012. [...]

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Homemade Easter Chocolate!

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!! I love to have some chocolate at Easter and certainly don't feel guilty for enjoying a little treat! In fact in can be good for you! Cacao has such wonderful health benefits and a bitter taste - I'm a bit partial to bitter flavours. The higher the cacao in dark chocolate [...]

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Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an exceptionally nutrient-dense food that are low in fat and satisfy your appetite quicker and encourage you to eat less during the day. They are an exceptional natural multi-vitamin as they are chock full of minerals and vitamins. The humble mushroom is a power house superfood and definitely one to add or introduce [...]