Breakfast Recipe Smoothies

Passion Power Smoothie

Autumn and a time when we need to be diligent with our health as there are so many allergies, colds and flus about!

Passionfruit is rich vitamin C, or ascorbic acid and Vitamin A and low in sugar/fructose. Vitamin C helps the body gain resistance against infectious agents and pro-inflammatory free radicals like colds and flus. Vitamin A and the flavonoid antioxidant, beta carotene, are found in high concentration in passionfruit. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties, supports good eye sight, healthy mucus membranes, and healthy skin. Passionfruit also contains Iron which aids the body’s absorption of Vitamin C.

Keep your body in defence mode by keeping your immune system strong and ready to fight off the nasties with a power packed smoothie.

Passion Power Smoothie



Handful spinach
2 passionfruit
1 carrot
1 apple
1 large chunk ginger
1 lemon
4 chunky pieces pineapple
4 chunky pieces watermelon
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp maca powder
2 cups coconut water

Blend all ingredients together until smooth!

Be Well