Gluten Free Pizza Base
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Pizza Base – Gluten Free

Gluten Free Pizza Base

Who doesn’t love Pizza? Friday nights are good for Pizza, as it is the end of the week and they are easy to make. That means less time in the kitchen and more time to chill out.  

It has not been easy to find a good alternative pizza base that meets my criteria until now!!

I absolutely love this Gluten Free Pizza Base from my good friend Bree Argetsinger aka The Betty Rocker. With this recipe of hers it is very easy to make and it rolls out without any problem and holds together beautifully. Once it’s baked, it holds your pizza toppings perfectly in place while you go from plate to mouth and you can actually pick it up and eat it!


1/3 cup ground chia seeds

½ cup water

1/3 cup arrowroot powder (a little extra for rolling out your crust)

1 tsp sea salt

2 ½ cups unsweetened coconut flakes (almost an entire 250g/8 oz bag)

1 ½ tsp dried oregano

½ tsp red pepper/chilli flakes

½ tsp ground fennel

1 ½ tsp dried basil – (you can use seasonings of your liking instead)


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4

2. Mix the ground chia seeds and water until it gets thick. Set aside.

3. In a food processor, add the arrowroot powder, sea salt and coconut flakes and process until it all starts to clump together (this will take a couple minutes).

4. While the food processor is running, add in the spices. Scrape down the sides if needed.

5. Add in the chia seed and water mixture and process again until it looks uniform.

6. Sprinkle some extra arrowroot powder on a sheet of parchment paper. Form the dough into a ball and place the dough on top of it and top with another piece of parchment paper.

7. Roll out the dough using a rolling pin until it is an even thickness (about 1/2cm/ ¼ inch thick).

8. Sprinkle a pizza stone or pan with arrowroot powder to prevent sticking and transfer your dough to the pan. Roll up the edges if you want a thick outer crust. Poke it a few times with a fork.

9. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

10. To assemble, top with whatever you like and bake at for another 15 minutes.

I dressed this base of deliciousness with

✔️Tomato paste mixed with fresh basil & garlic

✔Morrocan spiced roast chicken (leftovers)

✔kalamata olives

✔sundried tomatoes



✔️fresh basil



Bree Argetsinger is the creator of multiple fitness and eating programs and the host of the now world-famous 30-day Bodyweight Shred Challenge that has transformed thousands of people’s lives and bodies plus has other great recipes on her website THE BETTY ROCKER check her out!

Keep in touch, I love to hear from you!

Be Well


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  • When you going to cook me one. Looks beautiful.

    • Thank you! Anytime! Maybe you should make one for the crew!


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