Pork Mince in Lettuce Leaves
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Pork San Choy Bau

Pork Mince in Lettuce Leaves

Pork San Choy Bau is a quick and easy dish to prepare and has lots of flavour. Delicious aromatics of ginger, coriander, garlic and chilli get the taste buds dancing. Light and juicy and an excellent dish to alternate either with beef, lamb, chicken, turkey mince or any combination of these.


1 T coconut oil

4 garlic cloves – chopped finely

1 T ginger –Β  chopped finely

4 shallots – sliced thinly

500g pork mince

2 large button mushrooms – chopped finely

1/2 carrot chopped finely

1 T fish sauce

2 T coconut aminos

1 fresh red chilli – sliced (hot or mild chilli to taste)

salt & pepper to taste

100g bean sprouts

4 coriander roots, finely chopped

4 – 6 iceberg lettuce leaves (washed and dried)

fresh coriander leaves for garnish

1 lime cut into wedges to serve


Heat a large frying pan or wok on medium to high heat and the coconut oil and swish around the wok. Add the garlic, ginger, chilli, coriander roots, salt & pepper and cook while stirring for 1 minute. Once the aromatic smell of the spices tingles the nostrils add the pork mince, mushrooms and carrot mixing through the spices and cook for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring until cooked and browned.

Pour in the coconut aminos and fish sauce and stir through. Mix in the bean sprouts and remove from the heat.

Spoon into cos lettuce leaves, sprinkle coriander leaves on top and serve with a wedge of lime. Also tastes good with a dash of sweet chilli sauce!


I hope you enjoy my Pork San Choy Bau! Leave me a comment below and let me know how it turns out and if you made any modifications. I love hearing from you.

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