Spicy Dukka Tuna Salad
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Refreshing Dukka Spiced Tuna Salad

Spicy Dukka Tuna Salad

A super refreshing and tasty salad that is quick and easy to make when rushed for time or just not sure what to eat and packed with the delicious nutrients of protein and omega – 3’s! Is my Dukkah Spiced Tuna Salad. (I always keep a couple of tins on hand in the pantry for such occasions.)

Dukkah Spiced Tuna Salad

(Serves 2)



160g Mixed Salad Greens – rocket, spinach, lettuce varieties

16 Cherry tomatoes chopped in half

1 Lebanese cucumber cut into half moon shape

1/2 cup whole activated almonds roughly chopped

1 T Dukkah spice

2 125g tin sliced tuna (in springwater)

1 lemon juiced

2 T Macadamia nut oil

ground sea salt and ground black pepper to taste



Toss greens together in a bowl with tomatoes, cucumber & almonds. Place salad on plates and top with tuna and mix the lemon juice and macadamia oil together then drizzle over the top. Sprinkle with the dukkah and season with salt and pepper.


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