5 Session Discovery Bundle

5 Week Discovery Bundle


What is coaching and how can it help you?

This 5 Session Discovery Session will help you unwrap the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals (without dwelling on them) and helps create innovative ideas and envisage about how to embrace vulnerability and pursue your goals with clarity, courage and confidence.

What does that mean for you?

It means that I will work with you to help you on a path of discovery and a way to empower you to find your own answers through encouragement and support to make life long choices.

  • Do you want to create sustainable, long-term positive and meaningful change?
  • Are you looking for a lifestyle change but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • Feeling a little anxious and depressed or have fluctuations in mood?

If you are looking for change and want things to be different, you will be the driver and I will be your navigator and together we can develop strategies to help implement change. I will support you with your health goals that you may have, such as wanting to improve your health by eating healthier foods, what to choose and how to put them together in a meal plan. Or you may need some help with ideas on how to manage your stress to be more productive? I am be with you every step of the way to cheer you on and provide you with support and motivation in nutrition, health and wellness education and help suggest ways to keep you accountable to yourself.

Create the commitment to make an investment in yourself and start your journey to living a Be Well! Life today! This will give you the chance to explore where you are at, where you want to be, understand the obstacles and barriers that are holding you back and what you can achieve and as your coach I will be there with you every step of the way to motivate and inspire you.


What you get:

  • 5 sessions: each are 60 minutes in duration and are bundled into suit your schedule.
  • Summary follow up from each session emailed to you
  • A safe and non-judgemental space for deep discovery work, brainstorming, and strategising.
  • Accountability buddy.
  • Email support.
  • Personalised resources (recipes, meal plans and tools from my coaching tool kit that will be beneficial to your progress)
  • All session are conducted virtually on Zoom/Skype/Facetime or in person if local to me and Bookings are essential as there are only a certain amount of spaces weekly.


YOUR INVESTMENT IS: $495 (easy weekly payments are available also)


A bit about Me:

I’m a happily married mother of 4 and nana and I want to inspire others to Live a Be Well Life – be healthy and feel good! The author of “Not Just Fresh Air”, a meal plan and guide to nutritious eating. Becoming a Health, Nutrition and Wellness Coach has given me the opportunity to help others to unwrap the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals.  Understanding the link between the gut and brain and how that affects our behaviours i.e. depression and anxiety and how what we eat plays a major role in our wellbeing. I believe that we can all Live a Be Well Life to be healthy and feel good,  and I am here to help you create that.

“Let’s Talk!”

Are you ready to create and live a Be Well! Life? 

I’m ready to help you get the lifestyle you desire!