Welcome! If you have stopped by my page you may have just been curious to see what my coaching is all about or you are ready to start to make changes in your life. Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coaching is an inclusive, holistic approach of creating better Wellness through awareness! Health is defined not just by what we EAT, but also by the health of our relationships, spirituality, physical activity and day-to-day lifestyle.

Read the below list and see which question speaks to you the loudest!

•   Do you want to feel younger, healthier and stronger?

•   Do you feel anxious and depressed or have fluctuations in mood?

•   Do you want to eat healthy but aren’t sure where to start and how to easily incorporate it into your life?

•   Are you looking for strategies to help you succeed in reaching your goals?

•   Are you looking for direction and guidance as to what your goals actually are?

•   Do you have goals but are not sure where to start to achieve them?





Bevshealthyfood is about healthy eating as a way to keep your health optimised with nutrient dense meals enabling you to live a “Be Well!” Life.

If you would like to learn more about me and my mission click here!


“Achieve your goals with a positive mindset”



How can coaching help you achieve your goals for a better lifestyle?

I believe an effective coach does not simply tell you what to do!  A great coach will:-


•   Work closely with you to guide you towards awareness of what will work for you – for your own unique person and goals!

•   Collaborate with you to get to your Be Well! Life

•   Provide you with the tools to achieve your version of personal success

•   Gently pose meaningful questions

•   Challenge beliefs that may not be serving you

•   Provide insightful feedback

•   Assist you in putting together a plan to empower you in making a maintainable positive lifestyle change

Change can be scary and difficult, I will be by your side as you experience your journey in creating a healthy balanced lifestyle, providing the support you need to get to where you are meant to go……

How can I work with you to live a Be Well! Life?

I will work with you to move through obstacles and barriers that may stand in your way of achieving your goals, by recognising how each area of your life affects the other and have the confidence and passion to create the life you desire not only mentally and physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Together we will determine new strategies to create slow and reasonable changes with clear and specific direction.


“The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself”


If coaching sounds like the support you’re looking for I have two bundles available:

1: 5 Week Discovery Bundle

2: 10 Week Wellness Bundle

Or CLICK HERE   for a complimentary session and let’s work together on getting you the lifestyle you desire!

Be Well